All products are loving meditations by Lisa McLymont, who is a local artist and designer.IMG_7455-edit

I made my connection to copper and it’s wonders through jewelry making, and now use it to solve all sorts of challenges. Besides it’s warm sheen and easy malleability, I’ve come to enjoy illustrating with this metal. Drawing with a 3-dimensional line is constantly an exercise in the creative use of problem solving, patience, focus and imagination. I enjoy the challenges in new hammering and twisting terrain.

CLEANING COPPER: For a quick strip of all tarnish from your copper piece, why not use a natural and quick cleaner? Hot sauce! Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice do the trick too, but you’ll have to work harder and wait longer for results.

I also like to use a green scrubby, or a super fine grit sanding sponge, as it brings out textural highlights, and leaves the dark tones in the crevasses.

CLEANING SILVER: DO NOT use the acidic cleaners

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